Saturday, June 12, 2010

1 more week of Homeschooling!

Well I'm on the homestretch of my term as a homeschooling teacher for another year! We only have 1 week left and I am pumped to be able to spend time at the lake and with my family and friends without having the next lesson in mind! But I have to admit it has become quite natural now to make the MOST of every moment. Every moment seems to now be a homeschooling moment! Baking is not just baking, it's math and science! Anyhow, I know many of you are winding up your school year too! All the best on your exams! Work as if everything depended on you and Trust as if everything depended on God! God bless!

Performing at Pure Fashion in Edmonton!

Hey it was so great to see so many of my fans in Edmonton and to be able to share Pure Fashion with everyone on my own stomping grounds! I've been involved in Pure Fashion for years and have told alot of family and friends about how great they are, but on May 31st, they got to see it first hand! It was AWESOME! The girls did a great job! And it was so fun to hang out with my good friend Brenda Sharman! She's so beautiful inside and out! Well I look forward to catching my breath now......

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Junos in St. John's

Hey everybody! Well it's almost been a week since we got back from the Junos and what a great trip! Thankfully we made it out before all the flights got canceled. Ours was the last flight out on Monday morning at 5am!
We had a fabulous time hanging out with Matt Brouwer(Congratulations on the Juno win!) and Steve Bell. The best part was just having a date weekend with my hubby and manager Jason! With 3 kids, it's a welcomed change!
We're back to home life now and preparing to go to Nashville in a few weeks. Should be a great show! Can't wait to take in some shows at the Grand Ole Opry!
Drop me a line sometime folks!
Talk to you soon.
Peace in Christ,